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Beautiful, Heartfelt, Honest

My son is a survivor. I sobbed as I listened to Mr Pickle tell his story! I sobbed with understanding. I sobbed as he talked about his journey ending bc I know the journey never ends. It has helped me to heal personally. It has helped me to understand my feelings and some of my stressors. God Bless all of those childhood cancer warriors, survivors, and angels.

Challenge accepted!

Just listened to the “It’s more than just a game” episode. Wow. I appreciate the vulnerability. Such a beautifully told story. I love the challenge at the end of the episode. Thank you for sharing your time and energy! <3


This is the word that come to mind when trying to describe the CancerDad podcast. It is also very well produced.

Cancer Dads

💪🏻❤️ Welcome back brother!!


So real and raw. People need to hear this!!!

Love it!!

Super amazing podcast with the best host!! Highly highly recommended!!


The trailer was amazing I actually listened to the first couple episodes that were made available on his buzzsprout site! I cannot wait when there are made available on here tomorrow. As a dad of a child with cancer I need this and am looking forward to more episodes, and maybe to provide our story.

Wow!! This is soo necessary!

The trailer is so amazing and I’m so excited to hear the other episodes. The raw and real truth needs to be shared about childhood cancers by thank you for bringing us into you world!


Incredible vulnerable, valuable and honest information & service to families dealing with childhood cancer. Thank you!

This will be powerful!

I look forward to hearing the stories, the lives impacted, and the hope we have for the families! Jason and others giving an inside glimpse of the many different impacts that the many different forms of cancer have on families.