Feb. 3, 2022

Pass Me The Remote

     One thing that stands out to me, as I look back over the years of this journey, is how fast things happened, and when you needed it the most, life wouldn't slow down.  This is what makes a family's journey through this world so unique, because there is so much going on with the battle, all the while, you are still having to manage everyday life.  I guarantee that you will not find one family that wishes, at some point during their journey, that could just hit the pause button, and everything froze in time.  

     There's all kind of moments and events that I will always remember about our son's journey, good and bad.  However, one thing that I will always remember is how the beginning was such a whirlwind, and I don't know if my mind has still caught up.  It all happened so fast, and with it being such a big thing, there wasn't enough time in the day, for your mind to wrap your head around what all was happening.  The time frame was a matter of days, from the first scan, to the first meeting with the doctor, and the brain surgery that took place.  Of course, immediately following the surgery, treatments started, and we were off and running.  It's human nature to try and grasp things, understand them, but we were literally going on the fly, handling it all and everything else going on in our lives at the time.  It's no wonder that parents develop anxiety over it all, when you really think about it.  

     I don't know if you have even seen the movie, but within this world, I wish the movie, "Click" was a reality, and possible for families going through these battles.  Could you imagine how great that would be, to just be able to push the pause button, and take a deep breath when you needed too?  Mentally you are constantly on alert, rather it be for things going on with your child, or just trying to keep it all straight when it comes to their medical needs, and life in general.  I am not sure how many would want to use the other features on the remote, such as fast forward, rewind, skip etc., but I guarantee most feel the way I do, which is, if any of you have the ability to make it possible, please just pass me the remote.