Jan. 26, 2021

IV Poles Don't Make Good Guests

The topic of episode four is about the struggles of creating a life within treatments.  One of the biggest struggles, during this time, is trying to create a "family" atmosphere whereever you are.  A family are suppose to have those special moments when celebrating birthdays, holidays, or just those moments when they are together.  When the location is a hospital, it never really feels like true family time.  I mean picture the laughter, the conversations going on, and then having it interrupted by the beeping of the iv pole.  The iv pole is the constant reminder that your family time, really isn't family time.  It reminds you of the reality that your family is living in.  It reminds you that the time was going to be cut short eventually, and the separation of your family would be happening sooner than later.  The truth of the matter is, that IV pole is a horribile guest!


We make the most out of those times together, but the truth is, reminders like the iv pole, hinder those moments.  You separate, always wanting more time, or wondering how long you have to go before you all can be together again.  This is another reason why most families going through this isolate themselves when they all are actually at home, because you find yourself cherishing those moments.  You don't know how long they will last, so you make the most out of it, just you and your family.  It's never about not wanting to be around others, or going places, it's simply about those moments at home are the only time you feel truly like a family again.  I can't help but feel like this is the case, because during those moments, you have nothing reminding you of what is going on, like those iv poles.  So if you are family members, or friends of families that are going through this journey, don't take it personal, if they isolate themselves.  Those times they are all home together, is the only time it truly feels like family time.


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