Feb. 10, 2022

Hope Is All We Have

     We have been put through it, over and over again, and life wasn't letting up.  The most recent episode of my podcast, we find, once again, with our backs against the wall, and Neyland going through another relapse.  There is plenty of reasons for us to lose hope, at this point, and the normal person, would probably understand.  However, without hope, what do we have?  The reality, for us, is that hope was probably the only thing that was keeping us going at this point, and if we lose that, then what?  During a journey through the world of childhood cancer, you lose a lot of things.  You are guaranteed to lose just about everything, mentally, at one point in time, during this battle.  You will lose your smile at times, but you must hold onto the hope.  You will lose sleep at times, but you must hold onto hope.  You will lose your appetite, your desire to do things your normally do, your contact with the outside world, etc., but never lose hope!  Hope is what gives a person the ability to believe that something is better around the corner, and is a solution to our biggest fears.  So no matter where you are at in your journey, always fight to keep hope, because in the end, hope is all we have.


     There is no doubt in my mind that hope is what has kept my family going since day one.  No matter what is said, or what happens, we will continue to hold on to that thread of hope, because without it, we cannot make it.  Hope is what we need, and once again I say, hope is all we have.  We may lose faith in things, as we go along, but hope will always be the forefront, as we fight on.