Jan. 11, 2021

Ep 1-Better Safe Than Sorry

    The day we found out about Neyland's tumor was a hard day on all accounts for me.  One thing that is not mentioned  in this episode, is the blessing that we had in the form of Neyland's regular doctor. Iris Snyder.  It's apparent to me, looking back, that God used her in a way that helped our family.  It was through her extra effort, and better safe than sorry mentality, that we were able to find that tumor a lot sooner, if it had not been for her.  Dr. Snyder literally sent us for that scan as precautionary but did not expect anything to come about it. You don't see that initiative in many doctors today, especially general doctors, but my family is extremely thankful for Dr. Snyder and the role she played in this journey that we are on.  Unfortunately, we were never really able to express our gratitude, because of her passing, but then again, she knows our hearts even more now than she would have if we were able to tell her in person.

     The thing that makes it even more amazing, is that the tumor that was found, had nothing to do with the seizure that night.  We were sent for the scan just to be safe, and make sure that nothing was going on that caused the seizure, beyond the spiked fever that the ER doctor suggested as the reason.  The tumor was found by a doctor, following her gut, and taking that extra step in the caring for her patients.   As mentioned before, they just don't make doctors like Dr. Snyder anymore, and it's a shame she's no longer around, but for my family, we sure hope she has been given the best seat in the house up in heaven, because she deserves it!  Rest in peace Dr. Snyder, and I guarantee the medical world misses you.




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