Who Is Behind the Podcast?

My name is Jason Pickel, and I am the host for the CancerDad podcast.  My family had a moment in our life that turned our world upside down.  One of our sons, Neyland, was diagnosed with cancer in 2013.  We have watched as he beat one cancer, only to be diagnosed with another.  Our family has been in the trenches of this battle for several years now, still standing, and still fighting.  This world is one that many don't understand what really goes on, the affects it has on everyone involved, and just the reality of the nightmare that families live in the whole time.  It's time that changes, and that is why this podcast is being made.

My family and  some amazing families we've met during this journey, are bringing our stories to you the listeners.  All our families have their own unique circumstances, and our hope is that through them, we provide more awareness to Childhood Cancer, also be a help to those currently battling this awful disease.  You are going to hear our stories through the eyes of fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, friends, doctors, nurses and so many more as we welcome you into our world.