CancerDad Podcast is a show that will bring the listeners into the world of childhood cancer. It's safe to say that most know about childhood cancer, but through our story, and other family's stories, our hope is that everyone sees the reality of what it's really like to have a child with cancer. We never thought our family would be affected by childhood cancer either, but yet here we are, making a podcast about it.

Recent Episodes

Ep 13- Thread of Hope

Feb. 28, 2022

We are at a point, in our son’s journey, where we truly were hanging onto a thread of hope. The thread was getting thin. Would that thread hold up? We also encountered different obstacles that were caused by a pandemic th…

EP 12- What Is Normal?

Feb. 21, 2022

The journey is becoming one that is starting to make us think that we will never see the end, or at least the ending we want to have. Our faith was becoming weak, but we still held on to hope. Once again, we found ourselve…

EP 11- It's more than just a game

Feb. 14, 2022

We take a break from the medical side of things in this episode, to tell you about a pretty incredible story that occurred shortly before Neyland's bone marrow transplant. A story that no one saw coming, and one that is sti…

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Check out my good friend's, Brian Crowe, website for his radio broadcast!  You will recognize the voice, as he is the one speaking in our intro, outro, and done the music with it as well.  Gospel Radio Favorites with Brian Crowe - Home