CancerDad Podcast

This show is an opportunity for your host, Jason Pickel, his family, and others who have lived it as well, to share their stories, in hopes of giving you some insight on what it’s really like to have a child with cancer. You are going to feel our pain, hear of our struggles, experience our moments of happiness, and feel our strength, as we welcome you into our world of Childhood Cancer


Ep 6: Chemo Did What?!

Feb. 9, 2021

Our family had gotten use to being normal again. Neyland was getting back to doing what kids his age should be doing, and he was well on his way to taking his childhood back that was taken from him two years ago. Would we …

Ep 5- The Results Are In

Feb. 2, 2021

This episode brings us to the point in our journey, where it is time for another test. The results would determine the direction our journey would be going. What were those results? Could my family, finally, get some good…

Ep 4 Life within the Treatments

Jan. 26, 2021

This episode takes the listeners beyond the medical side of chemotherapy treatments. How does it affect the lifestyle of the family? What is it like to not only have your world turned upside down, but then have it completel…

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Is There Such Thing As Complete Remission?

We have arrived at the part of our journey where Neyland has been declared in remission!  This news brought great joy to our family, and especially …

IV Poles Don't Make Good Guests

The topic of episode four is about the struggles of creating a life within treatments.  One of the biggest struggles, during this time, is trying to…

Ep 3- What You Can Do Means More Than What You Think

I spoke a little bit, in episode 3, about how hard it was to standby as your child got sick from treatments.  I assume the feeling of wanting to tak…


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